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Immunization Schedule

From Birth through 15 months

Vaccine Schedule from Birth to 15 months

Immunization Schedule

15 months through 18 years old

Vaccine Schedule from 15 months to 18 years old

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Hurricane Preparedness

Hurricane season is here and we want our patients and their families to prepare and be safe in case of a natural disaster.  This type of event may be frightening  and traumatic to children and they will depend on adults to help them cope with their fears.

Following are some tips to help reduce your child’s anxiety:

  • Explain to your child what is happening
  • Create a Family Contingency Plan
  • Prepare a Hurricane Supply kit (Prescribed Medications, over the counter medications, Hand Sanitizer, First Aid Kit, Non perishable food, plenty of water and toys)
  • Everyone in the family should play a role in the contingency plan
  • Practice the Family Contingency Plan beforehand
  • Teach your child how to call for help
  • Keep telephone numbers handy
  • As much as you can, try to keep the family together
  • Keep children occupied, playing games such as board games, coloring books, puzzles, jacks and charades among others
  • Include children in recovery activities
  • Make sure your child understands this is a temporary situation

We are including several links that will help you prepare your family for Hurricane Season: